Valentine's Day Gifts

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    Find the perfect valentine’s day gift for your loved one. Our houseplants are beautiful, sustainable, and with a little nurturing, will grow just like your relationship.
    13 products
    Pilea Moon Valley peat free houseplant
    Pilea Moon Valley sustainable potted houseplant
    Pilea Moon Valley
    from £15.00
    Swiss Cheese Plant in copper pot
    Peat Free Swiss Cheese Plant
    Swiss Cheese Plant
    from £15.00
    White Bird of Paradise peat free large houseplant
    White Bird of Paradise large houseplant in white pot
    White Bird of Paradise
    from £14.00
    Banana Plant peat free
    Potted sustainable Banana Plant
    Banana Plant
    from £11.00
    Philodendron Zebra peat free houseplant
    Philodendron Zebra sustainable potted houseplant
    Philodendron Zebra
    from £14.00
    Calathea Princess Jessie peat free houseplant
    Calathea Princess Jessie potted sustainable houseplant
    Calathea Princess Jessie
    from £12.00
    Velvet Calathea peat free houseplant
    Sustainably grown Velvet Calathea potted houseplant
    Velvet Calathea
    from £16.00
    Alocasia Pink Princess peat free houseplant
    Alocasia Pink Princess sustainable houseplants
    Alocasia Pink Princess
    from £15.00
    Lace Fern peat free houseplant
    Lace Fern closeup of foliage
    Lace Fern
    from £10.00
    Alocasia Zebrina peat free potted houseplant
    Alocasia Zebrina peat free houseplant in white pot
    Alocasia Zebrina
    from £18.00
    Syngonium Pixie peat free houseplant
    Syngonium Pixie sustainable houseplant
    Syngonium Pixie
    from £15.00
    Alocasia Red Secret peat free houseplant
    Alocasia Red Secret sustainable houseplant
    Alocasia Red Secret
    from £20.00
    Hooded Dwarf Elephant Ear peat free houseplant
    Hooded Dwarf Elephant Ear sustainable houseplant
    Hooded Dwarf Elephant Ear
    from £17.00
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