Vision & Values

Geb & Green's Roots

Our goal is to lay the roots and build the branches for a more environmentally positive houseplant industry. We started Geb & Green to combat "greenwashing" in the houseplant industry and provide an honest, sustainable alternative to the big brands out there.

Our story

Our roots are firmly planted in the farming industry, and with 25+ years of growing experience, we understand the importance of sustainability. In truth, many of our little leafy friends we fill our homes with are having a negative effect on our planet. 

To us, it seems crazy that the ‘green’ we bring into our home, whilst being great for our wellbeing, can be terrible for the earth… so that’s why we formed Geb & Green.  

We want to provide an easy, sustainable alternative for our plant obsession – removing nasty peat from our plants and horticulture – growing happy, healthy, plants in a recycled peat free medium. 

What matters to us

1. Sustainability

Sustainable planet friendly houseplants for all plant lovers

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Choosing peat free houseplants

2. A Greener Choice

Transforming the Houseplant Industry one plant at a time.

3. Wellness

Looking after our people and planet

Peat free alternative houseplant growing medium

Our promise for the future

Our commitment to sustainability is at our core, and always will be. 

  • We promise to continue to strive to be as sustainable as we can be and to consider every small detail that goes into our houseplants. We are laying the foundation for change and growing the branches for an environmentally positive houseplant industry. 
  • We promise to be open and honest in our commitment to sustainability. No more greenwashing. No more excuses.

  • We promise to never stop working towards positively changing the houseplant industry. 

That way, you can enjoy all the benefits that houseplants will bring, without costing the earth (in more ways than one). 

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