Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm
Ponytail Palm small
Ponytail Palm
Beaucarnea Nolina Recurvata
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The undemanding Ponytail Palm has thin arching leaves that sprout from a fat woody stem. It's a very easy plant to care for requiring little watering, so no need to feel guilty on the odd occasion that you forget to water it!
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    Easy care

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    Bright, indirect light

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The Ponytail Palm is from the succulent family Asparagaceae, and is native to Mexico.  Found in arid regions such as mountain ranges and cliffs where there is plenty of rocky soil.

It stores water and nutrients in its bulbous trunk; it is a relatively hardy plant that can handle some neglect.

In the wild Ponytail Palms can grow over 4m tall.

Its thick trunk can store lots of water, so allow soil to fully dry out before watering

Feed 3 times a year once in spring, summer and autumn with a nitrogen based fertiliser.

Bright, indirect light

The height of the plant is meaured from the bottom of the nursery pot. Diameter is that of the nursery pot.

Each plant is unique and therefore may differ from the images shown. Size and shape may vary, so all height measurements shown are approximate.

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