Chinese Money Plant

Peat free Chinese Money Plant
Chinese Money Plant sustainably grown
Chinese Money Plant in light green pot
Chinese Money Plant
Pilea Peperomioides
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A favourite houseplant with round, saucer like leaves. The Chinese Money Plant is also known as the Friendship Plant because it grows lots of mini baby plants that can be easily propagated and shared with friends.
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    Easy care

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  • Top Air Purifying

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    Moderate to bright, indirect light

  • Recycled, peat free growing medium

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The Chinese Money Plant is native to southern China and grows at high altitudes of 1500-3000m.

It was first brought to Europe by a Swedish missionary in 1946.  It quickly became a popular houseplant due to its ease of propagation, and houseplant enthusiasts circulated the plant widely.

The Chinese Money Plant is a member of the stinging nettle family, but thankfully its smooth, glossy leaves won’t leave you with a sting.

Water when top 3-4cm of soil becomes dry.

Feed every 4 weeks from spring to early autumn with a nitrogen based fertiliser.

Moderate to bright, indirect light

The Pilea Peperomioides will naturally lose a few leaves in winter. If it sheds more than usual chances are that it is due to overwatering, ease up on the frequency of watering and make sure that the top 5cm of soil is dry beofre watering. Drooping leaves are a sign of underwatering, give it a thorough water and ensure that the water is fully drained before returning it to its decorative pot. Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth to keep them clean.

The height of the plant is meaured from the bottom of the nursery pot. Diameter is that of the nursery pot.

Each plant is unique and therefore may differ from the images shown. Size and shape may vary, so all height measurements shown are approximate.

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