Spring Plant Care Tips

Now that the days are getting longer and hopefully bringing with them more sunshine and warmer temperatures your houseplants will be waking up from their winter dormancy.

Here are 6 tips to ensure that your houseplants are ready and raring to achieve maximum growth this Spring.

1. Prune your plant

Don’t be afraid to cut away and dead or discoloured leaves, Spring is the optimum time to do this to encourage new growth.

Man pruning houseplants for Spring

2. Getting the right light 

If you moved your houseplants onto those south facing windowsills over the winter to maximise their light source, now is the time to move them back to indirect light. Use the back of your hand to test for this - you are looking for a weak shadow on the back of your hand with indistinct or blurry edges.

You want to avoid scorching your houseplants with too much direct sunlight which can turn the leaves yellow or brown.

Swiss cheese plants standing by window

3. Water more frequently

With warmer temperatures and increased rate of growth this will mean that the soil will dry out at a faster rate than in winter months. Keep your houseplants hydrated by upping your watering frequency.

Houseplants being watered on window shelf

4. Feed your plants

Your houseplant needs nutrients to grow and thrive. Spring is the time to start fertilising your plants for optimum growth. We recommend a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer.

Syngonium Pixie

5. Spring clean

While we give our house a Spring clean each year, make sure that you include your houseplants. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the leaves removing any dust, which will maximise your plant’s opportunity to photosynthesize and grow.  While you’re there give your plants a thorough check for pests.

Ficus plant shining after leaves have been cleaned


6. Considering repotting

Check to see if your houseplant needs repotting. To do this gently slide your plant out of its nursery pot. If the roots are winding round the outside of the rootball or poking out of the nursery pot drainage holes then it’s time to give it some more space to grow by repotting.

houseplants ready for repotting